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The hot

2 pcs. fish fillets and potato salad with rye bread and butter

119 kr.

2 pcs. fish fillet and potato salad with rye bread and butter

119 kr.

2 pcs. fish fillets with fries and dip

115 kr.

2 fish fillets with fries and dip

115 kr.

Moules frites

Organic linnet mussels from Tanja on Jegindø, steamed in white wine with fresh herbs and added heavy cream from a cow (can be ordered without dairy products)

  • crispy triple fried fries and homemade aioli
215 kr.

Fish burger with fries

Brioche bun, scallion slaw, tartare sauce, red onion and homemade pickle.

  • French fries and dip Remoulade, Dill dip, Ketchup or Mayo
185 kr.

Today's dish from 18-21: see the boards or ask at the counter

The cold

Stjernskud (the best in the parking lot)

3 breaded flatfish fillets, steamed plaice, cold-smoked Faroese salmon, hand-peeled prawns, fresh green asparagus, red and white dressing (Dill-dipped sauce and Smoked Tomato), cucumber, dill and lemon. + butter-toasted sourdough bread

198 kr.

Stjernskud Galore (When the inheritance has come, you've got money back in taxes and won the Lotto)

3 breaded flatfish fillets, steamed plaice, cold-smoked Faroese salmon, hand-peeled prawns, fresh green asparagus, red and white dressing (Dill dip & smoked tomato), cucumber, dill, lemon and GASTRO UNIKA OCETERIA CAVIAR.

  • butter-toasted sourdough bread
450 kr.

Røgeri standard plate

  • 80 g hot-smoked salmon
  • Hot-smoked mackerel
  • 2 slices of cold-smoked salmon
  • 1 warm fish fillet with remo
  • 50 g prawn salad
  • Rye bread and organic butter
205 kr.

Røgeri Platte ("fuck Janteloven" model and enough for two)

  • 100 gr Hot smoked salmon
  • Hot smoked mackerel
  • 4 Slices Cold smoked salmon
  • 2 Warm "fiskedeller" with remo
  • 100 g Shrimp salad
  • 100 g Garlic smoked prawns
  • 100 g Salmon serilette
  • Rye bread/white bread and butter
398 kr.

Herring platter

  • Marinated herring with dill, red onion and capers and homemade curry salad
  • Curried herring with half an egg, red onion and capers
  • Spiced herring with dill dip, red onion and deep-fried capers
  • Rye bread and organic butter
165 kr.


All our sandwiches come on a sourdough flute with scallion slaw, tomato, cucumber and red onion. The dressing varies according to the content.

Eggs and shrimp (Dill dip)

Fish fillet with remo

Fish dish with remo

Hot smoked salmon (Dild dip)

Cold smoked salmon (Dild dip)

Shrimp salad

Salmon mousse

Ham, cheese and strong mustard

Vegan (Spicy Hummus)

85 kr.

Sandwich and fries combo

1 x sandwich 1x fries + dip.

95 kr.

Classic potato salad

Potatoes, radishes, red onion, cucumber, chives and dill homemade mayonnaise based dressing

125 kr.

Almost classic

Potatoes, pearl barley, lentils, scallions, red onion, Korean pickled cucumber (slightly spicy/sour/salty/sweet), dressing oil/vinegar with coarse mustard and crispy capers.

  • warm sourdough flute and organic butter
129 kr.

Green salad

Spinach, green leaf salad of the day, boiled grain, pickled carrots, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, crispy capers and roasted sunflower seeds. With our homemade oil/vinegar dressing on apple vinegar, Thy Honey, coarse mustard, garlic and olive oil. + warm sourdough flute and organic butter

135 kr.


Coleslaw on white cabbage, carrots, salt-pickled red onions, hazelnuts and Sesame Chili Vinaigrette (VG)

  • sourdough bread and organic butter
125 kr.

Add to your salad

  • Deep-fried zucchini
  • Cold-smoked salmon
  • Hot-smoked salmon
45 kr.

Peel-and-eat shrimp

  • sourdough flute and aioli
145 kr.

Home-smoked peel-self-shrimp

  • sourdough flute and aioli
145 kr.
French fries

Small hill

38 kr.

Big hill

52 kr.

Ski slope (Quite a large pile of fritters) incl. 3 x dip

95 kr.

Salad Mayo

15 kr.


15 kr.


12 kr.

Shwarma Chili (VG)

20 kr.


20 kr.

Dill dip

20 kr.

Chili Mayo (VG)

20 kr.

Hummus (VG)

22 kr.

HotHummus (VG)

22 kr.

Spirit of Garlic (VG)

22 kr.

Pepsi/Pepsi Max/Mirinda Orange/Mirinda Lemon/Faxi Kondi

28/48 kr
Draft beer

Thy Pilsner

40/60 kr.

Thy Classic

42/62 kr.

Tuborg Pilsner

40/60 kr.

1664 Blanc

45/65 kr.

Limfjords Ale

45/65 kr.
In a bottle

Thy Økologisk Hvide

65 kr. / 50 cl

Porse Guld

36 kr. / 33 cl

Cold Hawaii Blå

40 kr. / 33 cl

Alkohol Fri Thisted Bryghus

60 kr. / 50 cl

Espresso single/double

28 / 32 kr.

Cortado/Flat White

35 kr.


32 kr.


40 kr.


25 kr.

Hot chocolate

30 kr.

Husets karaffel // Pinot Grigio

75 cl 165 kr.

2022 Tofterup Brothers Organic White

195 kr.

2021 Solea Grillo Cantina Cellaro Sicilien

245 kr.

2021 Gruner Veltliner Von Eckhof Weingut Ecker- Eckhof Østrig

380 kr.

2021 Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay fra Cecile Paquet øko certificeret.

540 kr.

2021 Sancerre Cedric Bardin

550 kr.

2022 Tofterup Brothers Organic rosé

225 kr.

2021 Pinot Noir Petite Perriere Guy Saget

250 kr.

2021 Ch. De Maur Cotes de Provence Cru Classe rose

450 kr.

Husets Karaffel. Rød. 75 cl 175 kr

75 cl 175 kr.

2021 Bourgogne Pinot Noir Granit VV Sandrine Deletang

520 KR.

2019 Tofterup Brothers Monastrell Barrel Select

425 KR.
Pearls and bubbles

Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Bio Vitteau Alberti

500 kr.

Cremant de Alsace Organic Calixte cave Vinicole Hunawihr

450 Kr.

Cava Brut Especial Organic Naveran

325 kr.

Cava Dama de Naveran Organic Naverank r.

395 kr.

Bernard Remy Carte Blanche

600 kr.

Barbichon Reserve 4 cepages Brut organic

350 kr.

Andre Clouet Rose

1200 kr.

2015 Pol Roger Rosé

1450 kr.

Moet & Chandon Rosé

1500 kr.